Lettering on memorial monuments
and stones of all kinds

Gravure Éternité offers customized headstone lettering and funeral monument restoration services. We strive to provide precise, high-quality work so that the beauty of the monuments we customize lasts as long as your memories. We use a sandblasting technique for superior precision. We also offer headstone restoration services to refresh the look of a loved one’s memorial monument and help their last dwelling withstand the test of time.

We can also engrave civic numbers on stone, granite, marble, etc., in a vast selection of fonts, colours and styles. Contact us to find out more about our lettering services; we serve the greater Montreal area.

Gravure sur pierre tombale



Headstone engraving

Headstone engraving is a personalized and affordable service that allows you to preserve the memory of your loved one by adding their name to an existing stele. Our artists go directly to the cemetery to engrave the stone with the same typography and alignment as the previous inscriptions to maintain the monument’s beauty and original style.

Memorial monument restoration

Time takes its toll on stone: pollution, vegetation and bacteria can cause monuments to deteriorate and affect their paint quality. We offer headstone restoration services to refresh the monument’s look and erase any signs of deterioration that may have left their mark over the years.

Honour their memory for all eternity

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